Still Covering the War in Turkey


In fact it is likely that we are not going to be here in Turkey a lot longer, the stuff that we have been reporting does not really please the people in charge of the state and in truth Turkey is very far from a free and open society. Freedom of the press is an alien concept to the Premier and the rest of the government. In fact they seem determined to turn this country into a one party state. At the moment I am trying to figure out how to use From what I was told it is supposed to help you get through the toll booths in this country quicker. I think that it allows you to pay the tolls with your mobile phone, so in theory you can just skate right through without doing a lot more than slowing down. I am not sure it works that way, but we are not really happy sitting still.

You really do not want to be stationary in parts of this country and right now we are trying to operate in the South where the state is at war with the PKK and essentially the Kurdish minority. Things are quite a mess around here and it is not likely to get better any time soon. In fact the entire region is on the boil and you have a situation where every tyrant in the region points to the Islamist terrorists and claims that anything that they do is justified to combat that sort of thing. In fact in Syria Assad really chose to have terrorists in the country. He could not really hope to win against everyone in the country, so he claimed that he was fighting terrorists and he did everything that was possible to find terrorists to fight.