Fixing Your Computer from Home


When computer’s first became available to the large masses, people were buying them as fast as they were being produced. Many people would use a manual or user guide to help them figure out how to use their new machines. If there was a problem, they would have to haul the large unit to a computer company who could fix their computer for them. Today, there are many websites that can help people figure out how to fix their computer glitches. For example, if someone finds a code 0xc0000225 (the drive where windows is installed is locked) then they could search the internet for a site that has a possible solution.

Many people cut and paste the codes that their computers spit out when it is found that there is an error. If a computer suddenly stops working or actually just ceases, there is almost always an error code or a reason that will pop up in the window on the screen, this will tell the person what is wrong with their computer and where it malfunctioned. For many, it is the easiest thing to fix a computer without having to go to a computer store to pay a lot of money so they can fix it for you.

The internet has allowed many people to fix their own computers from home, and not only are they fixing their own computers, they are also understanding how their computers function. If people can understand how their computers function, they may be able to fix them in the future. With knowledge they can help people who may have the same problems and also understand how to fix their own computer in the future. The internet has made a whole new generation of people who can actually work on their own computers and avoid the high costs of going into a computer shop.