I Got a Tree Snagged in Another Tree


I can drop a tree myself, so long as it is easy and straightforward. I have actually seen a guy who did tree removal in Asheville solve the sort of problem that I have right now. A pine tree in my front yard has fallen about half of the way to the ground and gotten hung up in two or three other trees. I almost wish it was closer to the power lines so that I could pawn it off on the power company perhaps. It is definitely too close to places where the kids and us have to pass to get to the mailbox or the driveway and not that far from the front porch. It has been about ten years, but as I said, I saw a guy fix this sort of problem. It is a bit tricky and obviously dangerous.

To start with you find a place where the tree trunk is about chest high or less and you make a small cut on top of the tree trunk. The next step is to use a properly sized piece of wood to fill up that cut so that it can not close up during the next step. Then you cut up from the bottom towards the top cut, stopping at the proper distance, which is before it starts to droop on you. Then you finish the cut on the top. Of course there are a lot of ways to screw this up and you have to know what you are doing to avoid getting the blade of the chainsaw stuck in the cut when the weight of the tree trunk pinches it. I am certainly not feeling as though it is something that I want to try to do and when you call for quotes a lot of the pros will not think it worth their time and effort.