I Had to Know the Truth


I love my girlfriend Jenny so much. We do not have the perfect relationship, but we always try to make is work. We have had both some good and bad times in the past. At one point, I was convinced that she was actually cheating on me and planned to leave me for another man. I could not believe I was in a painful situation like that. I wanted to figure out what exactly was going on in our relationship. I knew the truth could heal my pain or contribute to it. I did a snap hack on her personal picture account. I thought doing this would set things into perspective.

The first sign I noticed that indicated a fracture in our relationship was our arguments. Jenny and I started to argue like cats and dogs. It just did not make sense. We fought over the smallest things. I remember one bad argument that we had in particular. We had a disagreement about what to do on our anniversary. I wanted to stay at home, but she wanted to go out on a night on the town. We disagreed so much that my girlfriend stopped talking to me for a whole day. This was not good.

Another clue was that I learned that she was communicating with a male acquaintance from college. He was a smooth talker. I used a snap hack and saw a picture of him in her phone. He was wearing a nice watch. I also saw a text message from him. He wanted to meet Jenny at the park. I was ready to face the truth.

I went to the park and saw Jenny and her friend together. I went to confront the guy. Jenny denied doing anything wrong. I showed her the text messages. She claimed she was buying a watch from her friend. He showed me a collection of watches to verify his story. The watch was supposed to be my anniversary gift. I was so embarrassed. I finally knew that Jenny was telling the truth.