Shopping for My First House


I was looking to find a new house, or at least my first house of my own. I am renting one right now. I moved there after I got tired of having a lot of noisy neighbors. In fact I used to live in a place where the other tenants seemed to spend a lot of time calling the police on one another. At any rate I found a house with a great location, but there is one big problem with it. The cost of an AC replacement in NYC is what I am really thinking about, because this place does not have a working air conditioner right now. I am sort of wondering how much it is going to cost for me to remove the old system and put in a new one. It is not going to be easy or cheap, that much is really obvious to me. In fact I am wondering how much it would cost and how much work is involved.

Since the house is so small it seems like you could get away with something rather small, at least small in comparison to the full size machines. I do not really want to get a window unit, but it seems like one big one might be enough for this house. At the least it would make a good temporary solution. It would not cost more than around four hundred dollars, which is a fraction of what a real AC unit is going to cost. It seems like that might be a good solution for the short term, because I am not really going to be able to afford to buy the house and then turn around and put thousands of dollars in it the next day. Of course the house is going to need a lot of money put in it.