I Wanted Something More Affordable Than What I Rent Now


I really felt it was the right time to look into a bunch of different cheap apartments in Stockbridge GA because the rent on my place kept going up and up. When I moved in, the price wasn’t too bad. And I thought that the higher price meant that the landlord had it priced that way because it meant he would be more attentive, but that was not the case. I just knew that I could find a place cheaper with a much better landlord.

I am lucky that this town has a mix of prices. I know that some people in other large cities have to deal with higher cost of living, but my town is full of all sorts of different people and companies with a wide variety of prices. This means that I can afford to be choose. I know that friends of mine live in cities where everything from the cost of food, gas and rent is rather high. Here, the gas is lower priced, the grocery stores are rather expensive, and like I said, the apartments are a mix. It would be great if it would be like that for people everywhere.

I got up early on a Sunday morning and walked down to the corner store for a newspaper. I wanted to take a look at the classified ads as early as possible so that I could see what was available rent-wise. I know that some of the best places, especially those that are inexpensive, can be rented out rather quickly. I circled quite a few places that looked interesting and called them. The first order of business was to find out if they allowed pets. I have a tiny Pomeranian, but she needs a friend. I went to four places that stated that they allow two pets. I Picked the second place that I went to.