Acne Can Leave Emotional, Social and Physical Scars on Kids


Childhood can leave its marks, especially the teen years on some kids. My marks were actually not emotional ones even though I had bad acne. For about five years it was bad no matter what I did. That was before all the modern treatments. Back then the undercurrent of thought was that bad acne was caused by poor hygiene, poor diet or just being poor. Your peers saw you as diseased, and you can imagine how that goes. Still, I did not have the social and emotional scars, but I did need an acne scar treatment for the physical scarring.

You would not think that acne would leave physical scarring on the skin, but it can. The scarring depends on the severity of the acne, and, I suppose, your own ability to heal correctly. I had marks on my face that did bother me a bit. I was not an ugly guy, but let’s just say the scars made me look a little too rugged. When I had the scars I could have played a bit part in a prison movie. Now that the scars are gone, I might be able to swing a leading man character. Well, at least in a low-budget romance movie.

When I was a teenager I did not have the problems a lot of kids suffer with acne. I was muscular and did not have any teasing. As far as girls are concerned, I met the love of my life as my first and only girlfriend. She is now my wife, and we have the home, two kids and two dogs. My face is clear of any acne scars too. If I look really close, I can just see the faintest trace of marks left over when the acne was at its worst. I am glad those days are over, and I am glad there are new treatments for kids and adults with severe acne.