Best Online Music Streaming for Free


I am in the library right now, and I am trying to study but it is quite a bit louder in the library than it usually is, but it is loud and it is making it harder for me to study at the moment. I would like to listen to some music, because I think that would really help me to study better. I am looking into a way to listen to music online for free without having to download any sort of program or software, because I can’t do that on a library computer.

I guess that I really have a problem in that I have a problem concentrating when people are talking in the background. I just lose my train of thought and it is hard to keep processing my thoughts when there is that type of noise in the background. I am not sure what it is about talking in general, but my brain can’t handle it. Yet at the same time, oddly enough, for music. I know there is talking, or well, singing, as the case may be, in music. But it does not distract me, and rather, a lot of the time it actually seems to help me focus. I am not sure what the difference is, but it does not affect me at all like talking does.

And so in order to keep myself from being distracted in the library, so that I can actually get some work done, I would very much like to be able to listen to some music. Luckily, I have a pair of headphones in my backpack, so as long as I am able to figure out a way to listen to music online for free, then I should be good and I am trying to figure that out right now.