Getting Ready to Leave Singapore


I am pretty much ready to get packed up and head back to the Gold Coast. I have been here in Singapore for well over a year now and while it has been a great experience, I am more than ready to see the home folk. The big project that the company has been subcontracting on is called Principal Garden, which is a really large residential project that has just been completed. It consists of four towers which each are 24 stories high. Of course in Singapore you do not really buy a condo, but instead these units are sold as 99 year leases. It seems likes a silly thing to me, but no one here seems to mind all that much when you do business with them. Of course this is a really different type of place and you would not understand it fully from a distance in my personal opinion. It is just completely different from any other place where I have lived.

Obviously in New South Wales there is a vast interior to explore and you can spend days upon days going from beach to beach if you have the time. There is not any surfing here, although if you want to go to Bali they have a lot of great spots there. However they also have a lot of crazy Islamists who do not wish you well. At any rate Singapore is an extremely crowded island and it is really ruled by a strange sort of authoritarianism, I can not explain the government here, but you do not want to spit out your chewing gum here. All sorts of things like that are very harshly punished. The idea is that when you have so many people packed into such a small place, maintaining order is the top priority.