Our New Place is Better Than Our Last Place


I had to find temporary housing pretty fast when we lost the home we had been living in for years. There was significant storm damage done to it, and the landlord told us that it would take him quite a while to get it to where we would be able to live there again. The only thing I knew to do was look for inexpensive apartments in Newport News VA and see if I could find one for my small family. My husband and I only have one son, so we only needed a two bedroom unit at the most.

I decided to look online because I figured this would be the easiest way to find a place for the three of us. There are just too many apartment complexes in the area, and I knew that it would be hard to go and look at them in person since I would have to take my two year old son with me. It turned out that this was the right decision because it did not take me long to find the apartment that we now call our own. It has two bedrooms, the rooms are spacious, and the rent is lower than what we were paying for the house we had been renting.

At first, this was just a temporary move until our landlord had the house ready to move back into, but we have made the decision to just stay here. We are extremely happy with the neighborhood, and there are more people here who are our own age and have kids that our son can play with. We just feel like we have more room at this apartment, and my husband does not have to drive as far to get to work either. There is not a single negative thing about living here!