Entertaining Someone with a Grouchy Personality


I have a friend who isn’t the kind of person who can be entertained easily. He doesn’t like going to concerts, plays, and barely goes to the movies. He likes live performers like magicians even less. I wanted to see if a mentalist would be able to get him to change his mind and attitude, so I went to https://nebmagic.com/mentalist-london/ and hired a well known mentalist to perform for my friend. I wanted my friend to be shocked and amazed just by what the mentalist could do, and hoped that maybe he would be more open to seeing different forms of entertainment.

Because my friend doesn’t really care to go to most of the places that everyone else likes, people can see him as a bit of a grouch. He can be difficult at times because of this, but he’s not really a bad person. We’re not sure why he doesn’t enjoy stuff in the same way that everyone else does. We thought it might be anxiety about being in public places, but he doesn’t seem to show the same behavior for things that don’t involve entertainment. In any case, none of us were psychiatrists, so we wouldn’t be able to dig deeper into his issues.

The mentalist began talking to my friend, who was already skeptical that the mentalist would be able to do anything that would blow my friend’s mind. The mentalist started with some basic information that everyone knew, but things took a twist when he started revealing things that only my friend would know, and that’s when my friend’s face changed from disinterested to shocked. He was starting to freak out, because he believed that the mentalist had somehow found a way to get into his head. It was the funniest thing, and my friend was never the same after that. He was more open to being entertained, especially by mentalists.