Saving for Dental Implants to Get That Hollywood Smile I Have Always Wanted


The first thing I did when I got a job and moved into my own apartment was to find a new dentist. There was not a lot of money growing up, and my teeth were not in the best of shape. I actually started a savings budget to get my teeth fixed when I was a junior in high school. I have saved all through high school and college for things I wanted when I moved out, and dental implants to replace a couple of missing teeth were on my list. I visited a Greenwood Village dentist to get an estimate for a complete dental makeover to get the exact smile I wanted.

I was not going to settle for dingy looking grayish teeth, crooked teeth or ones that were not shaped nice. I wanted the Hollywood smile, and I have saved in order to pay for it. A really good dentist can give you the smile you could have had if genetics and other things were on your side growing up. Dental implants are not done overnight. Well, you do get your temporary tooth right away, but the actual implant can only go in a spot where the missing tooth has had a chance to fill in with bone for at least six months. My missing teeth have been gone for a few years now, so that was not a problem.

I would always try to hide the missing teeth when I talked or could not hold back from smiling. The look of my new smile has me unafraid to laugh out loud with my mouth wide open now. I never thought in a million years that I could have a radiant smile of nice bright white white teeth. This is something worth saving and budgeting for. I am committed to taking care of my smile from here on out.