Memories Overflowing About a Vessel Sink


Ever since I was younger, I have been fascinated by having a bathroom vessel sink. The look of one is perfect and it reminds me of my childhood. Seeing the sink bowl on top of the counter always amused me. Watching the faucet spout out water was like magic. It looked cool and it was cool. I had always knew when I was able to get my own home, that was the kind of sink to get as an ode to my grandmother’s bathroom.

My grandmother had one and used to tell me, “Don’t tip the bowl over. You’ll get water everywhere!” Her vessel sink had a large white bowl on top of it’s light brown counter. It was beautiful. I used to think that it was a separate bowl that was put on the sink to catch water. My grandmother lived on a farm, so seeing large basin, buckets, or bowls under miscellaneous water spouts or faucets wasn’t unique. She used to tell me that the bowl for the bathroom was a special bowl that could only be used there. Of course, I know now it was just a part of the sink and she was getting me to use my imagination. That didn’t stop me from having so many thoughts about what would happen if the bowl came off, what if she lost the bowl, what if someone broke the bowl? Imagining the bowl being broken and the sink not working anymore was a nightmare so me and my cousins would all make sure that we were all careful around the whole sink.

Every vessel sink I looked at, I had the memories of my grandmother’s bathroom. I ended up picking the one that looked the most like the one I remember. When it got delivered to my home, I stared at awe at how perfect it was for my home. It fit in so well with the country decor of the bathroom! I wash my hands, brush my teeth, and everything else with the perfect sink.