I’m Getting My Mom a TV This Year


I want to get my mom a new TV this year. I have been wanting to get her one, but she has always managed to talk me out of it before. This year, I was not caving in mainly because I am not going to tell her that I am getting her one. She probably didn’t need a big one before, but hers has been failing recently, and I wanted to finally replace it with a large screen HDTV. I have been looking into the Cyber Monday best TV retailers because that is when I am going to get it for her.

I knew that if I got one now, I would have to get a smaller size than what I originally wanted to get for her because the sale prices are just not that impressive right now. However, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two different stories. I knew that I could go out on Black Friday and get an incredible deal, but that really is not necessary because I can just sit home and get the same incredible deal online a few days later. I just wanted to make sure that the major retailers of TVs were going to participate in Cyber Monday TV sales this year.

I know there is no way to know definitively until they put their ads out, but I was able to see which of the major retailers had amazing TV deals last year. I went to this site that follows trends of years past and projects what the current trends are showing. They also let visitors know when new ads are placed for Cyber Monday, so I was able to really gather a lot of information from it. I was happy to see that places like Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, Dell and so many others had great deals last year, so I have a feeling this year is going to be pretty much the same!