I’m Not Too Old to Play Video Games at All


There is no telling why it took me so long to try out a video game. I remember they became a big deal back when I was in high school, but I was really into sports at the time. But now that my grandkids got me into video games, I realize that I missed a lot of fun over the years. My youngest grandson told me to look for Forge of Empires cheats to help out with my newest game interest. It really has made things easier, and it allows me to play the game without any stress. This is exactly what I need at my age!

When I mention that I’m a grandparent, that probably conjures up visions of a white-haired, elderly man who’s in his seventies or eighties. But I am in my sixties! Actually, I just turned 60. I had my kids pretty young in life, and then my kids also had their kids somewhat young in life, too My adult children are all great humans who have a lot of intelligence and they are hard workers. I am proud of what I accomplished with them. So, it didn’t alarm me one bit when each of them decided to have children in their early 20s.

I love having a large extended family. I really loved my parents, but I didn’t have any siblings, and we didn’t really have all that many other family members that got together or cared about one another much. But in my closest family with my grandkids, their spouses, and all the grandkids, we have some really fun get-togethers quite often. Two of my grandkids are coming over this weekend because they are going to show me some new games, and we are going to compete against one another, too. I always look forward to them coming over.