I Wanted to Buy Some Nice Rugs


I have never really considered myself as one who is into home decor a lot, but that changed not that long ago. I was at a friend’s house for the first time, and I really liked the way she had decorated all of her rooms. I actually thought that she had hired a professional until she told me that she had done all of it herself. I was really impressed with how well she was able to match her Asiatic Rugs with the colors and designs of each room. I actually didn’t even know there was a name for her rugs until she told me that they are Asiatic.

The one that really piqued my interest in looking at all of her rugs was the polka dotted doormat that she had. It was just very nice, and I liked how it had oranges mixed in with creams and browns. It just really set the entire tone for her entry way, and that was just the beginning. Inside, she had at least one rug in each room, and sometimes two. I liked the solid ones just as much as I did the patterned ones, and that is how we got into a conversation about her decor.

She told me about The Rug Store, which is where she gets all of her rugs. I figured that they had to be pretty expensive, just from looking at how nice they are. When I went there to see if I could afford at least one, I was surprised when I saw the prices. They were much lower than I was expecting, and it was good to see that I would be able to get more than one. I took my time looking at the rugs, and I ended up getting a nice one for my living room as well as one for my bedroom. I can’t wait to buy more soon!