Here Today and Gone Tomorrow


I hate it when companies try to get rid of things that people have already paid for in advance. One company had software available on mobile platforms, but after a while, they took the file down without telling anyone. To make matters worse, those who had already downloaded the program had it deleted from their phones and couldn’t retrieve it from their software libraries. No refunds were offered from the company, which sparked a lot of outrage. Rather than joining the complaints, I looked for a solution. I found a website with free softwares cracks that made it possible to reinstall the software that had been deleted, while keeping the company from deleting it again.

The crack alters the original programming of the software to prevent it from making contact with the company’s software check server. Normally, this server acts like a link between the company and the server to let the company know the status of the software. It is also used to prevent unauthorized copies from being used by those who want to download it from a place other than the official store. With that link severed, users can open the program without the server being contacted, meaning that the company won’t know it is being used.

Putting the cracked version on my phone was pretty easy. I just had to download it to my directory and install it like a normal file. The app started up and everything worked fine. I told everyone else I knew about the crack and they installed it on their phone too. I don’t know if the company has any plans to put the file back up for download on the store again, but until they do, people won’t be relying on them. This has happened too many times with other companies for people to just be patient.