Wish I Could Afford This Place


I really wish I could afford a place like my supervisor just moved into. It is called Whitley residences and it is actually within walking distance of the office building, although it is a pretty decent walk and it would take you about twenty minutes to get there by foot. Of course that would be really great, it takes me forever to get to work on a lot of mornings. Singapore is just not a great place for people who like to hit the snooze button on the alarm clock three or four times. You need to get out of bed and leave yourself a bit of time in case the bus runs into a lot of heavy traffic. That is not really the best thing about the place however. It has about all of the stuff that you would need if you wanted to live in a high state of luxury.

The best thing in my opinion is the clubhouse, which has a fully equipped gym. That is what my supervisor wanted to show me, since he knows that I like to stay fit. I have to improvise really, because my place is not big enough for the sort of things that you need for a great fitness regime. They have all of the things you would ever want, plus an incredible pool. I got to take a swim in it, but that really made it pretty sad when I had to go back to the tiny apartment where I live. Of course when you have money all of this sort of thing can be in your grasp, but with no money you have to make do with what is in your grasp. I simply can not afford to have all of the things that I want and that is just how it is.