Who is My Boyfriend Seeing?


I didn’t want to use a Kik hacker to spy on my boyfriend, but really I felt like I had no other choices. When our relationship, which had been marvelous and awesome for quite a long time, suddenly seemed to fizzle, I wondered what could have possibly happened. I hadn’t changed at all, but he did. What I wanted to figure out is why he changed. The first thing I suspected was another woman because that is usually how these things go when someone changes suddenly. First I had to figure out how he was contacting her.

I’m not happy to say that I followed him for a few days in my car. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. He did seem to be fiddling with his phone a lot in his car, something that he didn’t do when I was with him, so that made me think that he was using his phone to text someone. That realization led to another one, namely that I would need to get my hands on his phone and get into his various accounts. I did not think that would be an easy thing to do as I don’t know any of his passwords.

When I managed to look at his phone, I noticed that he had a Kik app installed on it. That set off alarm bells. I soon ended up on a site that promises to crack any Kik account and to do so in record time. I didn’t even need to download anything. All I had to do was put his user name, which I found elsewhere, and enter it into the site. To make a long story short, he was so cheating on me. I’m in the process of kicking him out right now. It’s painful, but at least the hack let me know the truth.