The Location Will Be One of the Best in the City


If I can get into a New Futura condo, I will expect to become a very popular person with my friends and family. I learned about the plans to build these condos a few months ago and was pretty interested to learn a bit more seeing as how I work, live, and play in District 9. Knowing they’re putting up a new place to live is always worth looking into. The thing about Singapore is you can always do better with your living arrangements. Of course, you have to pay attention to the cost, but money isn’t a problem for me.

I mentioned people being jealous if I end up in one of these condos, and I think that will happen because they’re going to stand out really well in the district. They’re planning on lighting them up with some sort of cap that reflects the light outward or something. The drawings I’ve seen look pretty snazzy. New Futura promises to be a beacon in the area. They’re also putting in a pool and a tennis court, and I love my tennis so that’s another reason for me to get in the door.

What really does it for me is the location. It’s close to what they refer to as lifestyle hubs, but which the rest of us call the places we all like to hang out. Espada, Legends, SAFRA, some of the local parks, Horizon 360 are all easily within reach. Then you’ve got all the big supermarkets and shopping complexes. I’m like a kid at Christmas imagining being within easy distance to all these places. I’m wondering if I’ll even need to drive anywhere outside of work. Oh and it’s not that far from the train station, either. Maybe I’ll never drive around the city again! I sure hope I can get one of those condos!