The Aids That Saved a Marriage


I always used to laugh at those people who complained about their marriage being on the rocks and not having enough spark in their sex life. I always thought that if two people loved each other, they shouldn’t have any problems having sex with their spouse. I was wrong, and the spark in my marriage was beginning to fade after being married for over 20 years. Sex felt more like a routine, rather than something spontaneous that my wife and I looked forward to having. If it weren’t for the sex aids that we purchased, we would probably be on our way to the divorce court.

The aids weren’t an idea that my wife or I thought of trying. The suggestion to use them came from a long time friends of ours. She was talking about how her and her husband used to have trouble, but one day they decided to experiment with the aids, and everything changed after that. We had nothing else to lose, so we tried them for ourselves, hoping to get a good result. What we got was more than we expected to get. We went from going through the motions, to having the best motion ever in 20 years.

When we first tried the aids, it was like the day we got married all over again. We had a honeymoon in the Bahamas, where there was a wonderful tropical heat. On the beach, we had a romantic night that ended with an intense form of passion. Even though we weren’t on our honeymoon again, that same magic was recaptured. It was so intense that it made us want to have a cigarette afterward, and neither of us smoked. I think we’ll be keeping the sex aids as a regular part of our lives for a long time.