Roof Repair Contractors for Queens


I guess that when I had my roof replaced a few years ago, the contractor who did the job tried to save some money, and to do so, he did not put tar paper on the roof before he put down the shingles. I am not sure if that is a violation of local ordinance, but it has caused a considerable amount of damage to the underlying wooden structure of the roof, and that is something I am pretty upset about. Anyway, I am looking for info on roof repair in Queens and I definitely need to find a contractor that has a reputation for good work because I do not want to go through this same sort of situation again, as it is definitely not a pleasant one.

I am kind of considering exploring my legal rights and if I should maybe sue the last contractor. I have no idea if I have any basis or merit for such a lawsuit though. I guess if it is required in the local ordinances then maybe I have a case. But it kind of serves me right in the first place, because when I was looking for a contractor to put a new roof on my house, I went bargain hunting and found one that gave me a quote that was way less than the other contractors I had talked to.

Instead of taking that as a warning sign, I foolishly decided that it was my lucky day and that I had really found a good deal. However, now it seems that good deal has come back to bite me in the butt, so to speak. I had no idea what tar paper was at the time, but I guess it helps to keep condensation from soaking into the wood frame of your roof in large part.