Not Every Attorney Acts Like How the Job is Portrayed on Television


I went into my law practice by myself. I was not interested in working for a firm. I imagined myself all through my childhood as becoming a lawyer who had his own practice. I have a room with a second entrance at my house in a village where I can have my practice at home. I keep expenses low by outsourcing transcription services for the legal industry to an agency, filing my own paperwork and answering my own phone. Unlike some attorneys, I am not looking to get super wealthy and live in a mansion. I just want to represent those in my community at a fair price.

It is interesting working at such a narrow profit margin, but I still find enough time to do pro bono work. I think I am under a lot less stress as an attorney than many of the alumni at the law school I attended. I’m not an ambulance chaser, and have a good reputation with the judges. One of them actually told me I should place my hat in the ring for judge in a vacancy for an upcoming election. I am not sure how things would look from that side of the bench. I see the necessity of being tough on crime and criminals for the public interest, but I also see the need to take each situation into full account so the common man does not get run over by the legal system just because he cannot afford a high-priced legal team.

There are some absolutes in law, but the punishment should fit the crime and the circumstances. A woman who kills her husband in cold blood to get insurance money should be judged differently than a woman who killed her husband because of years of abuse. I am not sure I would want to be on the side of the bench that is responsible for the judgment.