No More Birds on the Building


As the owner of building, I’ve faced may things that I’ve never seen as a tenant. I’ve had to deal with various problems related to plumbing, electricity, and pests. One notable pest that I didn’t think about is the average bird. People don’t really mind birds as long as they keep their distance, but sometimes bird will comes to the windows of buildings, and that can be a problem. To tackle this problem in my building, I had bird wire installation done. It’s a simple solution that is quite effective in keeping the birds from getting to the windows.

The company that did the installation of the bird wire had to take measurements to know how much wire to use for the windows. There are a lot of windows on my building, so the actual task of installing the wire took a while, but it wasn’t that long. Once all the wiring was done, the birds couldn’t get to the windows, and had to find somewhere else to land. It was amazing to see that the wiring took effect pretty quickly. I figured that the birds would try to fight it.

Since the bird wire was installed on my building, I’ve noticed that the birds will all gather in the trees at once. Birds usually hang out in trees, but it was just so weird to see so many of them in a single tree. It was like something out of the movies, and I had this lingering fear that they would attack anyone who would go near them. My fears were just my imagination being silly, as I was able to walk past the birds without them swarming on me. The birds are pretty harmless and will even sing a song or two when they’re not looking for food to eat.