My Roommate is Really Strange


It is really hard to imagine anything much stranger than the guy that I have been rooming with since I started back to school after my freshman year. They make you stay in the dorms when you are a freshman and to be honest I got a good deal with the guy they put me in with. He was a perfectly normal guy, that is not the case now. I was not so perturb when he started talking about trying to use a Virtual Families 2 hack, although I sort of think it is boring when you have to cheat at a video game. At any rate the guy seemed rather normal at first, although it is not as though I did a background check or any of that sort of thing. At first he seemed like he was a little off, but it was not anything that really made me feel even a little uneasy. I thought that perhaps he had been doing some sort of recreational drugs a few times, he acted as though he were stoned or something.

At any rate the guy suddenly disappeared about three months ago, I mean that I never saw him in the daylight. I could tell that he was in his room, but he never came out of it. That was strange and some of the time he would make strange noises. In fact it sounded like he had a pet pig and he was doing weird stuff with it. This was odd, but it did not concern me much until the rent came due and he was not there with his half of it. I eventually figured out how to get in touch with his father and he asked me if the guy had been taking his pills. Apparently he meant his crazy pills.