My Dad Warned Me All Along About My Branches and Leaves


When my father was alive, he would come over to visit and point out that I needed to get tree service in Long Island to keep all my trees healthy. I told him that I kept the trees trimmed up myself, but he would point out that I was not trimming them enough. He had some equipment that was good for much heavier trimming. He wold drive home to get it in a huff, and the he would come back and trim the trees even more. He always did a great job, the problem is that I am just really lazy about it.

Dad passed away a few years ago, and I really miss him being gruff about my trees and any other things that I am bad about taking care of. Thinking about him telling me how I needed to take better care of each tree on my property, I got to work on them as best as I could. But I did not have the really nice equipment dad did. The truth of the matter is that I really didn’t want to be the one trimming all the leaves and branches anymore because I wanted dad back and wanted him to do it. It was frustrating and I soon gave up doing it myself.

About 2 years after dad died, I noticed some massive branches broke off of two of my trees. They were laying outside on the lawn after a big storm the night before. These weren’t merely thin branches. These were really big ones that were about 8 feet across and very thick. I knew from dad that this meant that there could be a disease in the tree or simply a sign of me not cutting things back enough. Not wanting to mess things up even further, I had a trimming service come out and do it right for me.