It Turned out to Be an Eventful Summer


Mom always told us when we were teenagers not to go on the roof to sunbathe. We never listened, because of course what teenage girl listens to their mother? The cute boys lived across the street and it was the perfect opportunity to get noticed and to be able to see them even if they didn’t notice us.

Needless to say mom was right, because we ended up needing a roof replacement in Brooklyn NY that summer. There was usually only three of us on that roof, but it was a rare occasion that all five of me and my friends were able to be together for a day at my house. Normally one or two of them had to be off with their parents or in sports or something. Apparently five people on a roof is too much weight, because it collapsed under us that day.

We weren’t fat girls, at least not when we were teenagers. That happened later on in life after having children and getting comfortable in our marriages. We were skinny teenagers, but that roof couldn’t handle our weight. We ended up in the attic of the house that day, surrounded by roof splinters. My mom was not happy, because it was going to cost a good chunk of money to fix.

That was the summer the cute boys across the street noticed us, and we never lived it down with them. They were always laughing about it, and telling their friends. It was all in fun and games though, and I ended up marrying one of those cute boys from across the street. My friends and I had to get jobs that summer to help pay off the roof replacement, which was the least fun part about our summer. I tell our children that mommy and daddy met when mommy fell through a roof into an old suitcase in Grandma’s attic, they think we’re crazy.