I Can Get Help Even Though I No Longer Have My Wonderful Husband Around


I have felt really unsure of myself on a day-to-day basis since I lost my spouse. I have always taken care of things inside our house, but he did all the work outside. However, I called a Nassau County tree service after a bad storm knocked over a lot of trees, and I felt really good about it after they came to help. When my spouse was alive, he was the one who would go outside and take care of clean up type work. He was handy with a saw and hauling things away. He really enjoyed that type of work. While I sometimes helped him, I just don’t have the same type of stamina that he had. I’m so grateful that there are companies out there that can help me now that I’m alone.

My husband and I were married for about 25 years. We were pretty young when we initially married. He grew up on a farm, so he was very handy with all sorts of things when he first married me! He taught me a lot about taking care of a home. I never had to do much of that sort of thing when I was growing up, so I had a lot to learn. While I learned how to do many things inside our home, I mostly let him deal with landscaping or anything outside. He enjoyed it more than I ever did. But after he passed away, I was really worried about how I would keep up with it all.

I now look back and wish that I would have called different companies at times to take care of things for my husband when he was alive. As much as he enjoyed working with his hands outside, he had to tackle some projects that really wore him out. It would have been nice to treat him to a few days of sitting back while he enjoyed someone else doing all the hard work.