Hack for a Chance to Win


People have been really loving the Instagram story feature ever since it has been introduced, myself included. It’s a great way to share things with people and have them go away after a day. It also presents a problem if you want to see something, and it’s gone. There was some information related to a giveaway that I wanted to see in a story, but it was deleted before I could see it. I couldn’t get to my computer in time to access the story. I had to use an Instagram hack to find it.

Setting up the hack was pretty simple, and all I had to do was download the story I missed. The story was a video that showed me where to go to apply for the giveaway and what code to put in for my entry. I imagine that thousands of people looked at the story and entered the giveaway. There were three levels of prizes that could be won. The first prize was a $3,000 gift card. The second prize was a $500 gift card, and the third prize was a $100 gift card. I wanted to win the first prize, but I would have been happy winning the third one.

The winners weren’t revealed until a couple of months after the giveaway closed. Every day I thought about whether I would win anything or not. I started to think that someone else would get a prize and my luck just wasn’t good enough. One day I received an email about the giveaway. I was expecting the email to say that I didn’t win, but it was completely the opposite. I won the second place prize and was pretty happy. Although I didn’t get the $3,000 gift card, getting anything at all was good enough. I do wonder who won that prize.