Getting Human Resources Advice from Legal Professionals


Work can be a trying place. I mean, they have your livelihood in their hands. If you get sacked, you can lose your house or flat, even you car and other things. However, it can be tough to work for a company that is not doing everything correctly. I’m sure all of us have worked for a place that would have some questionable practices in different ways they would carry out business. For me, it was our safety equipment. The company always talks expenses and are cheap when it comes to safety. I explored different types of HR advice available to find out what my options were for keeping my job and getting them to fully comply with modern standards of safety gear in our industry.

Part of the problem was some vague minimum standards for some gear we needed to keep ourselves safe on the job. My company was all about minimum when it comes to certain pieces of equipment that can protect us on the job. I needed some legal counsel from HR experts before I approached my own company.’s Human Resources manager. I was desiring upgrades for the work I do. I was not trying to be an advocate for every employee or division. I just wanted to ensure my long term safety from illnesses from inhaled particulates on the job, but I was being dissuaded at every turn.

It was tough to find good HR advice without jeopardizing my own position. I did not want to lose my job or get transferred. I just wanted some upgrades to my section. I was buying my own modern gear to use on the job, and it was not cheap. Since I was an employee and not a contractor, I should not be paying for it. Yes, it is a tough situation to be in when you need a job but want to retire healthy.