Finding That Perfect Place to Live in Denver Colorado


It is tough picking out a place to live. It was a long and tedious process finding the perfect apartment. We wanted that perfect place. With an apartment, you are committing to at least a year for a lease. I cannot imagine how people can decide on a house with a 30-year mortgage. We had been searching through apartments in Denver CO to find the perfect place for us. We wanted some luxury things and yet have the rent be within our budget. With both of us working, we had a decent amount we could use for a lease, but we did not want to waste a penny of it. I had to live in Manhattan for a year, and you do not get much for your money compared to living in other cities. Colorado is home to us, and we finally found the perfect apartment to rent in Denver.

We like to get out and do things. The Gables even has a bike maintenance center. I cannot tell you how valuable that is to us. We take our bikes whenever we can. It is about staying fit and doing our part for the environment. We have nice bicycles, but all the miles take their toll. We do have two cars that are from before we met and got married. The apartment has a nice garage where we keep them. We do not use them as much as we used to, so having them under the cover of a garage is nice considering the Colorado weather.

The apartments at the Gables even have controlled-access gates. You cannot take security lightly in this day and age no matter how friendly the place you live. Crime does not take a holiday, and criminals have cars to travel in to look for victims. We feel safe and secure in our new place. After a long search for the perfect apartment for us, we finally found it.