Feeling Better in a Post Break Up World


I’ve gone through a lot of break ups in the past, but the most recent one I had was the most painful one. In all of the other scenarios, I was the one doing the breaking up, but this time I was dumped by my ex. I guess I finally got a taste of my own medicine, and it did not taste sweet at all. I was feeling really depressed about the matter and a friend of mine told me that I’d feel much better if I hired a Latina escort in Utah County to have some fun with for a while.

I wasn’t really in the mood to be around anyone else, but my friend insisted that it would be the best thing for me after breaking up with my ex. He’s had a lot of experiences with escorts and swears by them. He gave me the name of the escort service that he uses and I chose one for an evening just to test things out. I was a bit shy around the escort, but she was understanding of what I had gone through and did her best to make me feel better.

I had a great time with the escort. We went dancing, which is something that I hadn’t done in a long time. My ex didn’t like to go dancing, so we avoided going to clubs. It felt good to move around and be free with the music. Since my time with the escort was so enjoyable, I spent another night with her. This was even better than the first, because the escort and I had some nice alone time where things got a little intimate. Break ups hurt, but they aren’t so bad when you have someone like an escort to help you forget about it.