A Stretch Limo for My Special Day


I knew that I was getting a limo for my wedding, but I was not sure which kind. Years ago, there was just one standard type of limo, but that has changed now. There are stretch limos, Hummer limos, bus limos, SUV limos and more, so I had to research the different kinds to know which one I was going to get. I went to http://www.torontolimovip.ca/fleet.html after deciding that I wanted to go with Toronto Limo VIP. I had heard a lot of good things about them, from the variety in their fleet to their prices and the professionalism of the drivers.

I wanted my wedding day to be perfect, so I wanted to go with the best in everything. That is why I went with Toronto Limo VIP. I was able to see both the exteriors and interiors of the various limos, which was a huge help. Seeing the outside was really nice, but the interior shots is what helped me pick the right limo for my wedding day. I had three bridesmaids along with my maid of honor, and my fiance had four groomsmen, so there were ten of us altogether. I wanted something that would be comfortable for all of us, which is why I chose the white Lincoln Stretch Limo.

I wasn’t sure at first if it would be big enough for us since it does hold a maximum of ten people. Seeing the interior picture showed just how roomy it is though. I knew that it would be the perfect size since no one would be uncomfortable. I also liked that there were laser lights and a bar where we would be able to toast the special day together before getting to the reception. It was easy to arrange for the limo since I was able to do everything right there on the website too!